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“I had the pleasure of getting a 60 minute prenatal massage with Ayanna and it was fantastic from start to finish. The environment was clean and calming. I am already looking forward to my next visit with Simply Massage & Wellness. Highly recommend!”

– Kailee C. –

“They have a very clean and professionally run business. Have made several visits with different massage therapist and their floating service. All very good.”

– Randy W. –

“This place is so wonderful! I look forward to my monthly float sessions here and love the vibe of the place. I went for my first massage there yesterday and it has left me feeling like a new person today. The staff is truly the best, and there is no air of pretentiousness about the place. <3”

– Melody L. –

Sauna FAQ

What do I wear in the sauna?

Less is more (even nothing at all if you please!). Typically, a bathing suit or underwear are ideal for use in our infrared saunas (just be sure it’s free of plastic or metal fasteners or eyelets). Our saunas are private to you during your appointment unless you choose to bring a guest along with you.

Can I bring someone with me to sauna?

Yes! Our Infrared Sauna rooms are spacious enough to bring in a spouse, significant other or friend and are a great way to encourage one another on your wellness path. One of our sauna rooms is large enough for three people and the second sauna room can accommodate two people comfortably. See our special pricing for “bringing a friend.”

How do I prepare for my sauna session?

The more water that’s in your body, the more productive your session will be. We recommend good hydration as well as a light meal prior to your session (but nothing heavy or directly before your session).

It’s also best to come in free of body lotions, oils, or deodorant. This will ensure that your pores are able to secrete sweat as your temperature increases.

Can I shower after my sauna session?

There are benefits to allowing the body’s temperature to return to normal at its own pace after a sauna session. While a cold shower would feel great right after a hot sauna session, we currently do not have showers available to sauna clients at this time. We provide cool, wet eucalyptus towels to freshen up after your session.

What is Chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy is the science of using colors to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony. The belief that color is important in healing has been around for thousands of years rooted in the idea that specific colors in the spectrum of light positively affect your emotions. Both of our Infrared Sauna Rooms include the healing benefits of Chromotherapy.

Float Therapy FAQ

What should I wear for my float session?

Nothing. Seriously. For the best experience, we recommend your birthday suit! (It makes packing easier too!) There are several reasons for this:

  1. Salt will absolutely gather in the fabric, and as the surface of your skin that floats above the water dries, it will begin to feel crusty, and could be irritating.
  2. Swimsuits are usually worn in chlorine pools and washed with detergents, which means you could introduce chemicals into the pristine float solution, causing contamination.
  3. Swimsuits are often an added distraction while your body is relaxing is this gravity-free environment.
Will my skin feel dry after a float?

Generally speaking, not at all! Most people even send us love letters the next day because their skin is oh, so soft.

With that said, if you experience dryness or irritation, there’s a good chance you didn’t get all of the salt off during your post-float shower. Take another shower as soon as you can, and apply your favorite skin moisturizer.

Is the water changed after each guest?

Well, if we did we would have to charge well over $1000 per float, and we’d only offer one per day. Instead, we keep the costs down by moving the solution through a 5-micron filter 4-6 times between each guest. It also passes through a UV sanitization AND an ozone treatment on each cycle.

Not to mention that our solution is saltier than the Dead Sea, and well, it’s called the dead sea for a reason. 😉

How deep is the water? What if I can't swim?

You’ll step into a large tub with about 11 inches or so of float solution (water + 1000 pounds of Medical Grade Epsom Salt). You don’t have to know how to swim, and you don’t even have to know how to float! The solution does all the work for you. We’ve never met anyone who can’t float in this environment… it’s denser than the Dead Sea!

How long are the float sessions?

Our floats last 60 minutes. With that said, you can get out ANYTIME. Some folks feel wonderful after just 30 minutes or so, and some want to stay in to soak up every last second. It’s completely up to you.

For your appointment, expect to be here for around an hour and a half, which includes your check-in, orientation, pre- and post-float showers, and your float session.

Can I use essential oils, bath bombs, or other bath products during my float?

No, save those for at-home use! We absolutely LOVE those products (and even sell some in our shop for you to use at home), but introducing chemicals, fragrances, and other materials into the float solution can cause problems with our filtration system. And not everyone agrees on the perfect scent, so whatever scents you bring into the room will likely linger for the next guest, who may have allergies or sensitivities.

Can I float with a friend/spouse/family member?

Our float rooms accommodate one person at a time. You can schedule your appointment for the same time though, as we have two nearly identical float suites in our facility.

Can I float before/after a massage?

ABSOLUTELY! We love how you think! Some people prefer to float before, while some prefer to float after a massage, so we really think it’s a personal preference. The only thing we ask is that if you float AFTER a massage, please take extra time in the shower to ensure all oils are washed away before stepping into the float room.

And if you’re looking for a great massage therapist, look no further. We have a great team to choose from!

What should I bring with me for my float session?

We try to provide everything you’ll need. We have towels, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, as well as earplugs and even a hair dryer. If you like to have anything special, or things that aren’t sanitary to share, please bring those with you.

Is the water hot?

Warm? Yes. Hot? No. Unlike a hot tub, you’re not likely to get sweaty. We keep both the float solution and air temperature around 93.5-94.5 degrees, which is the same temperature as the average external skin temp. In many cases, guests have told us they can’t tell where their skin ends and the water or air begin. Pretty awesome feeling!

My hair is dyed or chemically treated. Can I float?

So, you may have to wait a bit. Hair dye often runs in the float solution, causing discoloration and staining of the fiberglass. Just as bad, it might ruin your freshly dyed hair! We recommend that you’ve washed your hair and ensure that absolutely no color runs in the shower or when dried with a towel.

If you have a keratin treatment, you’ve likely been advised to avoid salt water, so we’d agree with that.

The same consideration should be taken for fresh lashes, microblading, or tattoo work.

How often should I float?

This really depends on your own needs. Float experiences usually get better each time, so a consistent float schedule reaps the most benefit. If you struggle with chronic pain, insomnia, or anxiety, it’s best to find regular intervals that help you manage these things. It may be a few times per month, weekly, or monthly.

The first float is really just trying to figure out what you’re doing, the second float is when you really start to relax, and by the third float, you’ll likely be able to find that sweet bliss pretty quickly. As with any self-care, consistency is key.

Why do I have to shower TWICE?

The first shower is to ensure all dirt, chemicals, dust, body products, and debris are removed before you step into the float room. We ask that you use body wash and shampoo (provided) for the first shower, but no conditioner. We all like squeaky clean water, right? We appreciate you helping us keep it that way!

The second shower after your float is just to get the salt off your body, and it’s a chance to condition your hair if you’d like. (You don’t have to use body wash or shampoo on this round since you’re already clean!) If you feel a stingy sensation after you leave, it’s likely that the salt has dried on your skin.

Is there a weight restriction to float?

No, as long as you can safely step in and out of the float room without assistance, we’d be honored to host your float.

Do I have to get my hair wet?

It’s more than likely going to get wet no matter what. You’re welcome to try a swim cap, but it works a bit differently than it does when swimming. Most of the time, in a pool, you’re in motion, so water just glides right on by. In a float room, you’re still, so there’s a good chance salt water will seep in around the seal, which may cause discomfort.

If you find a super comfy, great-fitting swim cap that doesn’t leak in still waters, please let us know so we can keep some on hand. Otherwise, we have a hair dryer available for you to use if you choose.

What if I get salt water in my eyes?

It will burn. Possibly a lot. But we know it happens sometimes, no matter how careful you are, so we leave a little spray bottle of fresh water inside the float room so you can spritz the burn away and get back to your peaceful place quickly.

Is it safe for pregnant women to float?

We always recommend checking with your primary care physician, but in most cases, it’s not only fine, but it’s a little bit of heaven for expecting mommas! With pregnancy comes many aches and pains and lots of changes to a woman’s body but, floating provides a unique opportunity to relieve some of that pressure. Ahh.

Who should NOT float?

There are some instances where floating is NOT recommended.

  • Diabetes-In some cases, magnesium sulfate (the Epsom Salts in our float rooms) may have an effect on blood glucose. We strongly recommend consulting with your doctor before floating if you have diabetes. Also note that if you have any open wounds, the salt water will cause stinging.
  • Low blood pressure-Because floating causes blood pressure to decrease, it can be dangerous for those with already-low blood pressure to float, especially when standing to exit at the end of a float. Take extra precaution, but speak with your physician before scheduling an appointment.
  • Seizures-If you are prone to seizures, we recommend avoiding floating due to the enclosed, salty, wet environment.
  • Kidney disease-It is still debated as to whether magnesium sulfate (Epsom Salt) is absorbed through the skin, however, many believe that it is. The kidneys then process what is absorbed, and it is known that the kidneys are responsible for processing magnesium. Consult with your physician before floating.
What if I'm claustrophobic?

The most important thing to know is that you are in complete control of your environment. Our float rooms are super roomy. The ceiling slopes down in a wave pattern toward the back of the room, and the door is glass, so you can easily see out into the shower. You’re welcome to open the door during your session, or even get out and stretch at any time.

You choose whether to have the lights on or off so you can see the space around you, but most people who aren’t comfortable in small spaces find our rooms to be inviting and quite comfortable. And if you float in the dark, it might even feel like you’re floating in outer space, which is pretty different from feeling like you’re in a tiny spot.

We invite you to come by for a tour before scheduling your appointment, so you can see how the float rooms feel before you give it a try.

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