Welcome to Simply Massage

We love to meet new people – especially people who are burdened with stress and the pain of life. Why? Because we love to help them transform into joy-filled energetic people with healthier bodies and a renewed relaxation. We love to see color and vibrancy return to their faces.

We know that when we feel better, we live better.

And so it is our mission to help our clients manage the effects of stress, live better, and rediscover their joy.

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Our Team

Terri McCormack, owner of Simply Massage

Terri found her love for massage while receiving one of her very first bodywork sessions at the age of 20. After completing the Massage & Bodywork Program in 2003 at GTCC, eager to learn and gain experience, Terri worked in various settings such as chiropractic offices, alongside a physical therapist, spas, wellness fairs, music venues, and many corporate events.

Terri is passionate about massage therapy and the wellness industry as a whole. She wanted to create an atmosphere that was inclusive and nurturing, where coming to work each day was uplifting and provided a place of respite where clients found it effortless to relax. She opened Simply Massage & Wellness in 2015. Working with more and more clients all dealing with unique pains and stresses, Terri was convinced that clients could benefit even more by pairing other therapies along with massage.  In 2017, she expanded into the current location and eventually added float therapy, infrared sauna, additional treatment rooms for natural skincare and even more massage.

In August of 2020, she decided to take a step back from providing massage so that she could apply her full focus to ensuring the business is empowering employees to provide a warm, welcoming, and heartfelt client experience.

Facility Attendants-Beth, Tracey, Jessica, Amy, & Kaitlyn

Our team loves to answer questions, coordinate appointments, and help clients navigate the use of our facility. Whether it’s orienting a first-time client in the float room, coordinating appointments for a small group, or simply making a hot tea for a guest while they wait, these ladies shine!

We strive to demonstrate exceptional service in all areas of client care, including; providing a safe and clean environment plus exceptional customer service in all areas of our facility.


Facility Operations Lead-Jordan


Massage Therapists & Estheticians

Simply Massage has a group of extremely talented practitioners with many years of experience. Our massage and other service offerings are robust, and will surely provide you with the relaxation to help you feel your best.