discover the art of wellness

at Burlington’s premiere Simply Massage & Wellness 

We are a boutique massage & wellness center specializing in the art of wellness, helping you rediscover your joy, and feel your best every single day.

Discover Wellness. Rediscover Joy.

Stress can make life joyless, wreaking havoc on your physical and emotional health. It’s not going to leave on its own.

When we don’t make time for wellness, we’ll be forced to make time for our illness.

And so everything we do is designed for your wellness. Designed to help you find a renewed peace, more energy, better sleep, and higher clarity of mind. We specialize in the art of wellness.


float therapy

An anti-gravity experience to treat physical tension and mental stress.

infrared sauna

A restorative sweat session with infrared heat to help restore and relax.

massage therapy

Custom massage sessions designed around trouble areas or for relaxation.

compression therapy

Speed up recovery from intense workouts, training & surgery.

Red Light Therapy icon

red light therapy

Improve your skin’s overall heath & reduce the effects of aging.

skin care

Treat your face to some TLC and bring your skin back to its youthful glow.

You will be like a well-watered garden, like an ever-flowing spring.

Isaiah 58:11

female in blue float therapy room at simply massage & wellness in burlington nc

Float therapy

An anti-gravity sensation is created by lying in 11 inches of ultra high density saline water, heated exactly to your skin temperature. The result? It feels like you’re unaffected by gravity; it feels like you’re floating in space.

“Floating” decompresses the spine and other areas of tension in the body, relieving physical pain, and increasing endorphin and dopamine levels (you know, the ones you get doing your favorite things), bringing you to a state of total relaxation.  

Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Our infrared sauna combines a safe, restorative heat with the therapeutic beauty of chromotherapy. This dry heat penetrates into your muscles, joints, and tissue to increase circulation, ease pain, increase metabolism and promote weight loss, and eliminate harmful toxins such as cholesterol and heavy metals.

Compression Therapy

Compression Therapy uses compressed air to massage limbs, speed muscle recovery, and enhance lymphatic drainage. The leg sleeves inflate and relax in segments to mimic the natural muscle pump of the body. This form of compression device is meant for recovery and rehabilitation after intense workouts, training, conditioning, sports activity, injuries, and surgery. 

Massage Therapy

Relief happens when the body relaxes. Our massage therapists customize each session to address your specific needs. Each session will increase circulation, relax your muscles, ease the stress on your joints, and promote deep healing and relaxation. Our therapists specialize in many types of massage, including Deep Muscle/Sports, Prenatal, Hot Stone, Lymphatic, Swedish, Neuromuscular and more. 

Natural Skincare

Want clear, healthy skin? Whether you want to maintain your youthful glow, or reduce the effects of aging, we offer a variety of rejuvenating facials to cleanse impurities, exfoliate, and revitalize your skin, promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion.

Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy is a process of emitting light wavelengths through the skin to stimulate your body’s natural healing and regeneration processes to help improve your appearance, performance, and overall well-being. Red Light Therapy naturally stimulates your body’s production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), a key element in cellular regeneration.

You deserve to feel your best.

To sleep better. To feel less irritable. To enjoy more energy. To think more clearly. To find more joy in your everyday.

We can help you get there.